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Denis Roberts is an independent consultant and founder of The Networking Firm. Formed in 1996, together with strategic partners Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas and Prof. Barry Curnow, to bring their three niche practices under the same virtual roof - and to readily adapt and respond to each client as an individual via a wide range of bespoke solutions.

Menta is Denisís independent mentoring practice for professionals in leadership and consulting roles. He specialises in offering the individual and organisation a sounding board, thinking room and support for working through life-changing decisions. A significant part of his work involves mentoring senior academics from non-managerial disciplines and relatively new to a strategic management role. He harnesses skills as a consultant in cross-functional working, to integrate the strategic benefits arising from a multi-disciplinary approach that also taps the creative elements of the clientís core discipline.

Denisís background is in organisational psychology, which commenced in research, as a postgraduate student, with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Research focused on how leaders use their relationship with organisation to build authority and leadership that results in effective change. Denis provides a framework for carefully weighing the strands of complex decisions. And, which also encompasses an awareness of the personal impact of a decision on interpersonal relationships and work/life balance. He is a trained counsellor and a certified management consultant (CMC) with former IMC.